At Sports Earnings we specialize in three sports. NCAA Basketball , Major League Baseball and Pro Football. Very seldom will any of our betting seasons overlap each other allowing us to concentrate on each particular sport.


Sports Earnings uses a disciplined grinding style of betting. With our low fees and winning results we allow the $50 & $100 bettors to make great profits year after year and for the bigger players we are like a monthly pension check.


 At Sports Earnings we will inform you of the plays via email or on the website. All our plays are sent out early enough to allow you to shop around for the best line available. Any questions contact Sports Earnings. 

Sports Earnings is Profitable for All Size Bettors!



At Sports Earnings we offer one package that includes all 3 Sports for one low price of $299. This includes College Basketball, Major League Baseball & Pro Football. Don't mistake the low pricing of the Package with the quality of the service. The $299 price per year comes out to be about 82¢ per day which allows the $50 & $100 bettors to be able to afford the service and make a substantial profit. Sports Earning released 264 plays in 2017 making the average cost of each play $1.14 per game. 

2017 Final Numbers +14.62 units  

$100 bettors made $1462

$500 bettors made $7310





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Plays are posted for FREE on Twitter @ibetcash 


 ONLINE 07/14/2018 10:08 AM
07/14/2018 @ 03:10 PM MLB [960] New York Mets +103
$2000 to win $2075

Plays are posted for FREE on Twitter @ibetcash 

Sport Earnings (MO) Method of Operating

Sports Earnings is the most Disciplined Grinding Handicapping service on the market.  When you invest in Sports Earnings you are investing in a Handicapper totally focused on making money. Sports Earnings is like a well diversified mutual fund with 50% to as high as 200% returns on your money over the course of a year. 200% returns are not unrealistic at Sports Earnings in a year, as long as you stay disciplined and bet 5% of your bankroll per game. This does not mean betting in a Martingale style of betting or a progressive bankroll style of betting. We here at Sports Earnings only Flat bet the same amount each and every game throughout the year and expect our clients to do the same. Once the year is over and we have proven to you that our returns are between 50% & 200% feel free to to raise your wagers the following year because your bankroll will be larger. Remember we recommend betting only 5% of  bankroll all the time. Another key to Sports Earnings high ROI is that we release our plays earlier than 99% of the people in the industry which allows time to shop for the best line available. Over the course of a years time getting the best line will increase your earnings tremendously. I have been betting sports since 1981 and have been through the trials and tribulations of this industry. I have been there for the opening Sunday night lines at the Stardust, I've had my money stolen from an offshore and I've had my limits lowered for winning. Feel free to contact Sports Earnings anytime you have any industry or any other questions. Sports Handicapping is my life 365 days a year.